About Mona

Who Am I?

A (Certified) Card Science Mentor, Consultant and natural philosopher, I was born into a diplomatic family in Beijing, and had the opportunity to live and study in diverse environments across the world. My educational journey took me to Singapore and the UK, and my thirst for knowledge led me to travel to over 35 countries. Engaging deeply with different cultures, broadened my perspective of the world.

Currently based in London, UK, I offer bespoke card science reading services to my clients and followers, personal coaching, and card science consultancy and classes in both English and Mandarin. I also run a weekly social media vlog on the platform Little Red Book, where over 6,000 of my fans can follow my light-hearted analysis of entertainment news, using card science and psychology.

My Journey

“After graduated with a Master’s degree from one of the top universities in London, driven by ambition, I dove headfirst into the fast-paced world of finance and banking, a pursuit of success in a highly competitive arena. 

In the vibrant environment of corporate world,  I learned a lot, with its intense focus on achievements, provided a unique backdrop against which I began to seek a deeper and meaningful connection with the world. This quest for enrichment sparked a journey into self-reflection and continuous learning.

I embarked on a journey of spiritual exploration, and delved into various spiritual practices and philosophies from different cultures:  including European art history, Theology, I-Ching, Herbology, and Mineralogy, as well as Indian spirituality, Kabbalah, and more. I longed deeply to seek a balance in my life and understanding of our world.

Serendipity brought me to study the ancient science of card reading, with over 10 years of learning and using this unique system, now as a certified card science consultant and mentor is part of my ongoing spiritual journey. I am passionate and grateful for the opportunities I have to connect with fellow seekers of truth, to share knowledge and to support each other in life’s journey, to help more people achieve their life’s potential personally, professionally and spiritually.”

Mona is also a member of Order Of Magi, which purposed to perpetuate the ancient science of card reading.

My vision


" The way of the sage is that our nature is self-sufficient and we don't need to seek anything from outside, for we hold everything we need for our self realization ”

“The key is to truly understand oneself, the Cards’ wisdom are a nature’s gift for us to deepen self knowledge.”

The ancient science of card reading holds insights to many of life’s mysteries. Its application goes beyond mere forecasting, although that is one important aspect of what the system can do. It is a treasure that assists us in navigating everyday life challenges and deepening our understanding of ourselves, answers important questions of “How” and “Why”, elevate our consciousness  which lays the foundation for experiencing life with more peace and joy.

On my spiritual journey, I am very fortunate to have met with many great teachers, kindly holding my hands, teaching me and  guiding me, Now I am here to help you, with this unique tool, to unlock hidden knowledge and wisdom on your own path to joy and fulfillment.

Cards are merely tools, a powerful one it might be, the power to achieve the highest potential in our life lies within our will to elevate our consciousness.


Please use the Free Mini Card Reading on the Home Page to see what’s today’s energy influence for you.

“It is like holding a map to our lives, Certainly, there are times when we relish the freedom of exploration without guidance. Yet, some other times, we might seek a map to help navigate the complexities of life’s journey.”

Contact Me

Mona hosts a card science and entertainment social media blog on Little Red Book, where she shares entertainment news and card science knowledge with her followers. She is available for cross-platform collaboration, corporate collaboration, and legacy media collaboration. Get in touch to tailor services and programs that could benefit you and your organization.

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