“Family Bucket” Reading (For family with 3 or more children & grandparents) 纸牌全家桶

This service is designed for families with three or more children, including close in-laws, who wish to obtain a portrait for each family member to understand their deeper characteristics and their connections with parents and each other. This reading aims to provide you with a fresh perspective on your family, helping you discover the best ways to love them and assist them in fully realizing their potential.

What you will get from this reading:

  • A detailed card portrait for each family member. BC/PRC/DRC
  • This includes personal connections between family members: parents and each child, among siblings.
  • We’ll also identify each child’s unique talents and possible traits, along with important life stages for all family members.
  • 3-year spread analysis will be conducted for both children and parents.
  • Additionally, two family members will receive a complimentary free Yearly Forecast Report (in English).
  • Recording is available for Zoom/Voov meeting
  • Discount for next purchases of 20%


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