Relationship Reading

Love & Relationship Reading 情感链接牌阵解读

This is a 45min-1 hour reading focused on your relationships. Based on your question, we can look at:

  • Your personal cards and portrait: BC/PRC/DRC.
  • The other person’s personal cards and their characteristics.
  • An analysis of your connections, highlighting the positives and cautionary points.
  • A three-year spread and life stages analysis for two individuals.
  • Based on the cards, I can also advise on auspicious dates for key events (if required).
  • If involving more than one counterparty, we will determine which counterparts are better (easier) suited.
  • Should there be any difficulties, we will explore the best ways for both parties to resolve specific issues based on their deeper psychological traits and connections.
  • 15% off on follow up readings on the same topic.


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