Comprehensive Personal Reading with Mona 重新认识自己

In this 1 hour personal reading, I will go through with you:

  • Your personal cards portrait (BC/PRC/DRC/KC1/KC2)
  • Life spread/7 year spread/current 3 year spreads, pinpoint important issues/events/influences.
  • Current life cycle stage and key periods to note.
  • You will be able to ask questions regarding general energy patterns, love, relationships, career, health or any other issues concern you.
  • Current year and year ahead, important markers

This is the most comprehensive initial reading I offer, I always encourage specific questions, which will make the reading most insightful.

Please fill the pre-reading questionnaire prior and reading will be conducted via either WhatsApp call/zoom/wechat call/voov call of your preference. Zoom and Voov call can be recorded.


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If requesting reading on WeChat, you can connect using QR code. Subject: reading request. Thank you