Positive Parenting: Parents and Children Reading with Mona 亲子牌阵解读

In this 45-minute personal reading, we will examine the personalities, characteristics, and important life stages of parents and children, etc. We will also explore the best ways for parents to support their children based on their unique characteristics and connections. Additionally, we will look at the interconnections between two children, analyzing why they interact in certain ways.

This service includes:

  • the BC/PRC/DRC analysis for parents and up to two children, providing a personal portrait for each individual.
  • We will explore the life spreads of each child, pinpointing potential traits, special points, and important cycles and stages.
  • Additionally, a 3-year spread analysis will be conducted for both children and parents.
  • We’ll examine the relationship connections between the parents and child, as well as the connections between two siblings.
  • Based on these connections, we will identify the best parenting style for nurturing the relationship between the parents and children.

Please fill the pre-reading questionnaire prior and reading will be conducted via either WhatsApp call, zoom or voov call.


45 Minutes


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